--G4 ZIF processor upgrade advisory for Beige G3 systems--
Location of VRM on logic board
Close up view of Royal VRM
If your Beige G3 uses a "Royal Tech" VRM (voltage regulator module) module located on your logic board, then you cannot run any speed G4 upgrade - from any manufacturer - unless you replace it. Apple used this VRM on only a small percentage of Beige G3 Models. The word Royal is printed on the module for easy identification and if you have put a G4 into a machine with the Royal VRM, the likely result is the burn out of the G4 as well as the logic board.

This issue is related only to Apple PowerMac Beige models and it is estimated that less than 2% of these machines could have the Royal VRM.

There is a company called Creative Connections that offers a replacement VRM for the Beige G3 computers. If you want more information, click here.