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Care & Use of your Laptop Screen Protector

Prior to using the Laptop Screen Protector, you should clean your screen and keyboard's keys. We have included a single use iKlear Apple Polish wet cleaning wipe for this task. If you choose to not use this, please follow the directions in your owner's manual for cleaning your LCD display. Under no circumstances should you use an aerosol based cleaner, or any commercial glass cleaner, they can damage your LCD's screen and make it's delicate coating discolor.

  1. Remove the wet wipe from it's storage package, and using a gentle circular motion, wipe the screen evenly over the entire surface. If you have marks from your keyboard impressed into the surface, do your best and attempt to remove as many as possible. Do not let the surface dry without proceeding to step 2.
  2. Polish the screen using the iKlear Klear Kloth polishing cloth. Once again, use a gentle circular motion to remove all traces of dirt, lint and oils from the LCD screen. If you still have streaks or oils on the screen, reapply the wet wipe and dry immediately to remove the marks.
  3. Shut down your Laptop. Unplug your Laptop and remove the battery, to prevent it from turning on while you do this step. Clean the key caps, and your trackpad using the wet wipe. You need not saturate the keys to get them clean. You will immediately notice quite a difference in your trackpad, the polish acts as a lubricant, your finger will glide over the surface with much less resistance.
  • Tip- if you have persistent marks remaining on the screen, you may have better luck using an isopropyl alcohol based solution (at least 50% diluted). Many office supply stores sell a kit of this type designed specifically for cleaning LCD screens.

    Start using your Laptop Screen Protector! It is simple to care for, we recommend you do NOTHING to it - simply leave it alone, it's that easy!

    You will notice that the iKlear Apple Polish has anti-static properties - your LCD screen will not attract dust and lint as easily as it did before. The manufacturer recommends a weekly application of their product. We at OWC offer single cleaning wipes and Klear Screen Power Kit from Klear Screen.