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Make Your Own Commercial Video Contest - Rules
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OWC invites you to…
Create Your Own Commercial!

You’re a Mac enthusiast, OWC super fan with creative vision to spare – now’s your chance to put that creativity to use for the world to see by creating your own OWC commercial!  And, if you’re not careful you might just end up winning an amazing prize!

Rules and Entry Forms

Here are the rules:

  • Keep it PG-13 (if it can’t air on TV, it doesn’t qualify).
  • Keep it under 3 minutes long (if you really must go longer, break it up into pieces, like those serialized commercials).
  • If it's not in English, please include subtitles!
  • You can enter a total of three commercials.
  • It has to be your work! You can re-enact famous scenes, but you can't just slap the OWC logo on somebody's else's copyrighted material.
  • It can be live action OR animation (or both).
  • You must have copyright permission on any music you use. (OWC has provided music on the Media page that you may use if you’d like).
  • You must be able to provide releases from any principal actors appearing in your commercial. (a sample release is provided on the Media page).
  • Message should be positive.
  • You must have fun!
  • For a full list of rules click here.

Using people in your commercial?  Great!  Make sure you have Releases from all of your talent.

  • Download a release for adults over 18 years of age PDF or RTF
  • Download a release for minors under 18 years of age PDF or RTF

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