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KX Case for Samsung Galaxy KX Case for Samsung Galaxy

Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The revolutionary gel technology used in every KX case is made in the USA and specifically engineered to both absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy. This allows KX cases to be just a fraction of the size of bulkier protective cases, while offering the massive impact protection NuGuard KX is known for. Military Drop Tested KX Case 30-day risk free
Blue KX Case for Samsung Galaxy
NuGuard KX
Black KX Case for Samsung Galaxy
NuGuard KX
Protection with hyper-advanced X-Orbing gel Easy Access to all ports and buttons One Piece integrated hard shell and soft core Best Warranty gives lifetime peace of mind ownership
Watch KX Get Tested to the X-Treme Mil-Spec Drop Test − 1:01 Mil-Spec Drop Test 15-Foot Drop − 0:44 15-Foot Drop 20-Foot Drop − 0:37 20-Foot Drop
Wind Turbine Drop − 1:05 Wind Turbine Drop X-Treme Gel − 0:15 X-Treme Gel Learn − 4:00 KX Video