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NuGuard KX for iPhone XS/X and iPhone XS Max
the ultimate protective case built to survive life
Now for iPhone XS/X and iPhone XS Max
Your iPhone is a sophisticated instrument that goes everywhere you go. Keep it safe. The NewerTech NuGuard KX protective case for iPhone XS/X and iPhone XS Max utilizes state-of-the-art x-orbing® gel technology to evenly absorb and distribute kinetic energy. This revolutionary technology allows KX cases to be just a fraction of the size of bulkier protective cases, while offering the massive impact protection for which NuGuard KX is known. Gallery - KX for iPhone Xs/X - Black - Thumbnail Gallery - KX for iPhone Xs/X - Crimson - Thumbnail Gallery - KX for iPhone Xs/X - Crimson - Thumbnail
Protection with hyper-advanced X-Orbing gel Easy Access to all ports and buttons One Piece  integrated hard shell and soft core Great Warranty gives lifetime peace of mind ownership
NuGuard KX for iPhone XS/X and iPhone XS Max Massive protection in a thin and light case design Engineered to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy
  • Revolutionary x-orbing gel technology absorbs, evenly distributes kinetic energy
  • One-piece design - hard shell integrated with soft interior core
  • Exceptional protection without being bulky
  • Fast and simple affixing takes only seconds
  • Easy access to all ports and buttons
  • Cross-hatch texture design offers secure hand grip, yet easy pocket/purse removal
  • Compatible with iPhone XS/X and iPhone XS Max wireless charging
  • Available in black, crimson and midnight
Thoughtfully Designed. No Bulk.
The NuGuard KX edge guard over-molding provides enhanced iPhone screen edge protection without interfering with edge-to-edge, touch finger accessibility. You’ll experience hassle-free touch keyboarding and the ability to drag and organize app icons from screen to screen. This case is also thin; you can easily fit your protected iPhone in your pocket.
Full Port Access + Great Grip
Precision cutouts allow for full access to the iPhone XS/X and iPhone XS Max ports and buttons, and the one-piece design makes covering your phone a breeze. A unique, cross-hatch texture design on the back and sides of the case ensures a sturdy and strong grip while smooth, front-edge rails allow for easy pocket removal.
Exceeds Apple Drop Specs
KX cases can help your iPhone survive some of the toughest tumbles, falls and drops to protect it well beyond Apple's three-foot protection minimum required of other cases.
The Strongest Case. The Strongest Warranty.
All NuGuard KX protective cases come with a best-in-class replacement lifetime guarantee and a no risk, no hassle 30-day money back guarantee.
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