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Other World Computing Announces First–to–Market 64GB Memory Upgrade for Late 2015 27" iMacs

Addition of 64GB upgrade kit expands memory capacity to twice that of what is available from Apple

WOODSTOCK, IL – October 15, 2015Other World Computing (OWC®), a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company, announced today that it has expanded its MaxRAM memory upgrade options for the newest Apple iMac 27" with Retina 5K display (Late 2015 iMac) to the maximum capacity of 64GB, twice the capacity of the factory–available options of up to 32GB.

After being the first vendor to provide aftermarket memory options for the new 27" iMac, OWC now offers the OWC MaxRAM Certified Upgrade kit of 64GB. This option provides buyers of the new iMac with greater choice, performance, savings and flexibility in their memory configuration choices.

The new OWC memory modules and kits are fully tested, qualified, and MaxRAM Certified for the most demanding applications. Additional memory is the most cost effective way to increase system performance. For applications that will benefit from more than Apple's current factory maximum of 32GB of total memory, new 27" iMac users will see improved performance gains with more memory provided by the new OWC options of up to 64GB.

OWC Testing Reveals Support for More Memory in New iMacs
The new Late 2015 iMac line was announced October 13, 2015 by Apple, and OWC was able to conduct testing of the computers to confirm they are able to support a maximum of 64GB of memory. New iMacs come with a standard 8GB of memory (two 4GB 1867 MHz DDR3 SDRAM memory modules), with the maximum amount of memory available from the factory consisting of four 8GB modules for a total of 32GB. From reading clues prior to the launch of the new iMacs, OWC suspected that the new 27" iMac would be able to support 64GB of memory, and testing of units purchased direct from an Apple store confirmed that suspicion.

Savings of up to 66% and up to Twice the Memory Possible Versus Comparable Factory RAM Upgrades
The new 27" iMac memory options are available at Upgrade kits up to 32GB that utilize the 4GB and 8GB memory modules are now available for shipping. Kits from 32GB to 64GB that utilize the 16GB modules will begin shipping to customers by October 21. All memory modules and kits are true speed 1867MHz PC3–14900 memory:
  • 4GB (1 x 4GB) PC3–14900 Memory Module – $36.99
  • 8GB (2 x 4GB) PC3–14900 Upgrade Kit (doubles the standard memory to 16GB for only $68.00, 66% savings vs. factory) – $68.00
  • 8GB (1 x 8GB) PC3–14900 Memory Module – $69.99
  • 12GB (8GB + 4GB) PC3–14900 Upgrade Kit – $99.00
  • 16GB (2 x 8GB) PC3–14900 Upgrade Kit (triples the standard memory to 24GB for only $134.00 for 33% less vs. factory 16GB) – $134.00
  • 32GB (4 x 8GB) PC3–14900 Upgrade Kit (offers 56% savings vs. factory installed 32GB option for the maximum installed memory) – $264.00
  • 16GB (1 x 16GB) PC3–14900 Memory Module – $329.99
  • 32GB (2 x 16GB) PC3–14900 Upgrade Kit (Add to factory base 8GB for a total of 40GB of installed memory) – $599.00
  • 48GB (2 x 16GB + 2 x 8GB) PC3–14900 Upgrade Kit – $729.00
  • 64GB (4 x 16GB) PC3–14900 Upgrade Kit – $1,195.00
To assist both existing and new model iMac owners in selecting the correct memory upgrade, OWC has created an easy to use guide that shows the correct memory type and options specific to each of the different iMac models. To view all available options and/or order OWC Memory Upgrade Kits for iMac models, visit

"We work hard at OWC to anticipate the market and customer needs, and again we are able to offer the first memory upgrades for a new Mac," said Larry O'Connor, OWC Founder and CEO. "In addition to being the first–to–market, we are offering an upgrade that's not even available from the factory. We encourage buyers of the new iMac to purchase their system with the standard amount of memory, then upgrade it with OWC memory for higher performance at a lower cost than available from the factory."

All OWC Memory Options include a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty. For installation videos on a wide variety of upgrade products for Mac models, both current and legacy, visit:

OWC MaxRAM Memory Certification Program Provides Comprehensive Testing and Certification By maintaining two labs with multiple Apple Mac models that encompass nearly every Apple Mac model ever made, the OWC MaxRAM Memory Certification Program determines the maximum amount of memory that can be installed in a Mac, backed by OWC's Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and Money Back Guarantee.

More Savings Available with OWC Rebate Program After upgrading with an OWC Apple iMac memory option, customers can save even more with OWC's Trade–in Rebate for the original factory memory. Receive up to $45 for Apple factory or OWC memory modules removed from any iMac model. For complete details, see

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