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What does OS9 Helper do?

OS9 Helper allows you to install 9.2.1 or 9.2.2 on certain "Old World" Macs that Apple has decided to drop support for. OS 9.1 is the final version that Apple allows to install on anything previous to the Beige G3.

What are the benefits of installing 9.2.x?

Apple touted 9.2.1 as a minor update to 9.1 that added "better classic compatibility". However, the performance inprovements that were added in 9.2.x are clearly noticeable once you install it. In particular, the Finder is incredibly responsive, and Open Transport networking is vastly more stable. However, the four most important reasons for installing 9.2.x are:

1. Compatibility with ATI's latest drivers. ATI dropped support for OpenGL versions lower than 1.2.2. (9.1 has 1.2.1)

2. You can't run DVD Studio Pro 1.5 or 1.2.1 without 9.2.2.

3. You can't run Final Cut Pro 3 without 9.2.2.

4. Full compatibility with iPod.

What OldWorld machines does OS9 Helper work with?

OS9 Helper works on the 7200-9600 Powermac series, as well as several others. For the full list, see the compatibility matrix.

How much does it cost?

OS9 Helper is available as a free download with no support. There is a support forum available for a $10 fee. See the links above for information on how to register. Registering for the forum will ensure that you get your questions answered, as well as encourage me to continue development of OS9 Helper.

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