OWC Data Doubler - Include everything you need to add a second drive to your Mac.

OWC Data Doubler

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for MacBook Pro (2008 - 2016) & MacBook (2008 - 2009) Model ID: How to find Model ID
  • MacBookPro9,2
  • MacBookPro9,1
  • MacBookPro8,1
  • MacBookPro8,2
  • MacBookPro8,3
  • MacBookPro7,1
  • MacBookPro6,2
  • MacBookPro6,1
  • MacBookPro5,5
  • MacBookPro5,4
  • MacBookPro5,3
  • MacBookPro5,2
  • MacBookPro5,1
  • MacBook7,1
  • MacBook6,1
  • MacBook5,1

Note: When replacing the Optical Drive in some older MacBook Pro models, some models perform better with either 6G (6Gb/s) or 3G (3Gb/s) SSD or HDDs. Check the product details page for special compatibility notes before making your selection.

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for Mac mini (2011 - 2012) Model ID: How to find Model ID
  • Macmini6,2
  • Macmini6,1
  • Macmini5,2
  • Macmini5,1
Model ID: Macmini3,1 How to find Model ID
Model ID: Macmini4,1 How to find Model ID
Model ID: iMac11,3; iMac12,2; iMac 12,1
How to find Model ID
Model ID: iMac12,2; iMac 12,1; iMac11,3; iMac11,2; iMac11,1; iMac10,1; iMac9,1
How to find Model ID
HDD Upgrade Kit Upgrade to a new 3.5" drive up to 8.0TB. Includes drive thermal sensor, no software hacks required! Data Doubler for iMac from $37.75 Shop Now Model ID: iMac15,1; iMac14,2; iMac13,2; iMac12,2; iMac11,3; iMac11,2; iMac11,1; iMac12,1; iMac10,2; iMac10,1
How to find Model ID
OWC Data Doubler for Apple iMac Servicing Kit Includes all installation tools to service all Apple iMac models released since 2007. Servicing Kit for iMac only $24.75 Shop Now Model ID: iMac15,1; iMac14,2; iMac14,1; iMac13,2; iMac13,1; iMac12,2; iMac12,1; iMac11,3; iMac11,2; iMac11,1; iMac10,1; iMac9,1; iMac8,1; iMac7,1
How to find Model ID
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