OWC DIY Drive Upgrade/Installation Kits for Apple iMac Models
MacSales.com & OWC make it easy to replace, service, or add a drive to your iMac.
Get more capacity and performance with upgrade options custom designed for iMac.
HDD Upgrade/Replacement Kits  |  Internal SSD Add-On Kits
OWC HDD Upgrade/Replacement Kits for iMac
Complete HDD Upgrade Kits for Apple iMac 2009 – 2019. Install up to a 16TB Hard Drive.
Thanks to OWC's innovative drive upgrade kit, you can add up to a 16TB hard drive to your iMac. OWC's iMac Drive Upgrade Kit is the only solution on the market to offer full compatibility with the digital thermal reporting in Apple's SMC.

Unlike Prior Generations, Apple iMacs from late 2009 to 2019 utilize digital reporting and even custom firmware for SMC drive temperature reporting. OWC's Exclusive HDD Kits include our custom digital monitor that 'talks Apple SMC' and maintains proper temperature reporting and Apple Diagnostic compatibility allowing you to upgrade an existing 3.5" HDD with any 3.5" SATA HDD of your choice up to 16TB.
Each Upgrade Kit is designed specifically for iMac, requires no software hacks and ensures compatibility with Apple's built-in diagnostic processes. Without the OWC in-line thermal sensor, included in the kit, your system can't accurately manage cooling, and the fan will run all the time. With the sensor, your new drive works with the SMC, just like a factory installation.
General Servicing Kit for 2007 and later iMac models
General Servicing Kit for all 2007 & Later iMac models Model ID: iMac7,1; iMac8,1; iMac9,1; iMac10,1; iMac11,1; iMac11,2; iMac11,3; iMac12,1; iMac12,2; iMac13,1; iMac13,2; iMac14,1; iMac14,2; iMac14,3; iMac14,4; iMac15,1; iMac16,1; iMac16,2; iMac17,1; iMac18,1; iMac18,2; iMac18,3; iMac19,1
How to find your Model ID As shown with tools & accessories Only $24.75 More Info Buy Now
OWC Internal SSD Add-On Kits for iMac
Complete SSD upgrade kits for Apple iMac 2010 - 2012. Install an internal SSD into a system currently equipped with hard drive only.
iMac SSD Upgrade Kit
iMac 27" 2012 SSD Upgrade Kits for 27" 2012 Model ID: iMac 13,2
How to find your Model ID Completed Kits with up to 2.0TB SSD from $84.75 More Info
SSD Upgrade Kit for 27-inch 2011 iMac for 27" 2011
Model ID: iMac12,2 How to find your Model ID Complete Kit As shown with tools & accessories Only $22.75 More Info Buy Now Only need Cables & Mount?
Mounting & Cables Kit only $14.75
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