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Aura Pro X2, Aura N SSDs: Boot Times

Created on: July 25, 2019
Last updated: April 19, 2022

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Please note that if you are using the Aura Pro X2 or the Aura N SSD with a 2013-2014 Mac, you may notice that the boot times (i.e. the amount of time that elapses from when you power the machine on until you reach the Desktop) are several seconds more than with the stock Apple drive. This is related to the fact that these specific Macs initially shipped with AHCI SSDs, while the Aura Pro X2 and Aura N SSDs use the newer (and in this case fully compatible) NVMe storage interface and protocol. Note that this does not impact the post-boot performance of these SSDs, when you're actually using the drive. 

To ensure that your boot times are as short as they can be, please make sure after the drive has been set up, to go into System Preferences and choose Startup Disk, and then select the Aura Pro X2 or Aura N volume before restarting / subsequent boot sessions. Not doing so will not harm the drive or prevent it from working, but it may mean your boot-up times are longer as a result.