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LMP Bluetooth Keypad: Pairing with a Mac

Created on: May 4, 2013
Last updated: April 19, 2022

The following steps detail how to pair a Cropmark AG LMP Bluetooth Keypad with your Mac.


1. Hold the keypad upside down and remove the battery cover. Insert the 2 AA-size batteries included with the keypad.

2. From the Apple menu, open System Preferences. Under "Internet & Wireless" click on the Bluetooth icon. You may need to activate the Bluetooth "location" if you see a "Turn Bluetooth on" button.

3. Hold the keypad so you can see the light on the top between F13 & F14. Press the small black power button on the side, next to the large Apple keyboard power button. You should see the light flash Green.

4. Click the "Set Up New Device..." button under the Bluetooth preferences. If you already have devices listed, you must click the "+" tab to set up a New Device.

5. Once Bluetooth is searching for the New Device, hold the keypad upside down again and press the Pairing button. The light on top will flash yellow. Wait until "Bluetooth Keypad" appears in the New Device list, click to select it and then click Continue.

6. Using the keypad, enter the 8-digit PIN number and then press "enter" to pair the device.


For more information or support, please refer to link below: