Envoy Pro EX (USB-C): IP67 Information

Created on: July 19, 2019
Last updated: April 19, 2022

What Does an IP-rated Designation Mean? 
The IP or “Ingress Protection” ratings are an international standard used to define different levels of intrusion to an object. The “IP” rating lists two digits that have specific meanings and indicate a certain level of protection. The first number indicates protection against solid intrusion and the second number the protection against liquid intrusion.  
What does the “67” numbers mean for the Envoy Pro EX with USB-C? 
The first digit rates the level of protect against intrusion by solid materials. A “6” rating means the product is “Dust Tight” and is protected from dust. The second digit, “7”, indicates the product is water-resistant for 30 minutes when submerged in up to 1m of water. 
The IP67 does offer a level of protection against accidental spills, splashes and dust intrusion, but prolonged exposure to these elements can damage your device.  
OWC’s limited warranty does not include coverage for liquid damage. 
We recommend following the tips to protect your device: 

  • Do not intentionally submerge device in water or other liquids. 

  • If device gets wet, immediately dry it thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth. 

    • Do not dry device using an artificial heat source such as a hair dryer or heat gun.  

    • Allow at least 5 hours before plugging device into a Thunderbolt 3, USB-C or other connection port.

  • Do not insert foreign objects into the drive's USB-C port.