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OWC ThunderBlade: Thermal Requirements

Created on: May 9, 2018
Last updated: April 8, 2021

  • Please note that demanding use-cases can cause the ThunderBlade to heat up. This is expected; the case is designed to act as a radiator, drawing heat away from the internal components. For this reason, please avoid stacking two or more ThunderBlades together, as the combined thermal effect may cause the devices to malfunction. If you need to stack multiple ThunderBlades to save space, please use this spacer to separate each ThunderBlade in use. It was designed specifically for this device's thermal requirements.

  • If you already have two or more drives stacked together and notice erratic behavior, the best thing to do is save your work if possible, stop any active transfers, then unmount the drives from the system and physically separate each ThunderBlade so they can cool off. Afterward you can can either stack them using one or more spacers, or leave them separated, and then re-connect to the host to resume work.

  • For the same reasons as described above, do not place other types of drives or peripheral devices on top of the ThunderBlade during use.