NewerTech Batteries: 2010-2014 MacBook Air Models (Fit)

Created on: February 17, 2016
Last updated: April 19, 2022

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Occasionally there may be difficulty achieving a precise fit when installing one of these three batteries. The issue almost always boils down to improper battery alignment. Please follow these steps during the larger installation process in order to ensure the proper fit. 

1. After opening the MacBook Air and removing the original battery, but before fully seating the NuPower battery into its compartment, connect the battery's power cable.

2. Gently push the battery into its compartment, making sure the screw holes around the periphery and along the center-line of the battery, are lined up. Another way to be sure things are aligned properly before affixing the battery to the laptop case, is to make sure along the edges of the battery, that the top of the battery sits flush with the plastic moldings that surround it. If there is not a smooth fit, try re-seating the battery in its compartment.

3. Once you have confirmed alignment and a smooth fit, affix the screws to hold the battery in place, you can then continue with the remaining steps in order to wrap up the installation process and begin using your battery.


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