SoftRAID: Uninstalling the Driver and Other Components

Created on: June 28, 2016
Last updated: June 8, 2017

Occasionally customers will attempt to uninstall or remove SoftRAID components with third party utilities like AppCleaner. OWC strongly discourages this practice as it can lead to problems. A better way to remove SoftRAID system components is to use the built-in uninstall features. There are two:

Uninstall SoftRAID Driver (Volumes Menu) 

This method removes the SoftRAID driver, SoftRAID Monitor, and the SoftRAID extension from the system disk. Note that it does not remove the application folder, SoftRAID preferences, or your serial number. If you choose this method and then later re-install your driver, everything will work as before without additional setup.

Uninstall SoftRAID (Utilities Menu) 

This removes all installed components except the application folder. Removed items will include those noted above, as well as email preferences, user preferences, and your serial number. If you choose this method and then re-install the driver, it will behave as a new install and you will need to re-enter the serial number and set up the application preferences as you did the first time you used SoftRAID.