Mercury SSDs (Electra 6G): Synthetic Benchmark Performance

Created on: April 4, 2018
Last updated: April 19, 2022

Relevant Part Numbers:

  • OWCSSD7E6G060
  • OWCSSD7E6G120
  • OWCS3D7E6G250
  • OWCS3D7E6G500
  • OWCS3D7E6GT1.0


Occasionally, customers will ask us why they see noticeable drops in write performance when running a data-intensive benchmark on their Mercury Electra 6G SSD.


It is important to understand that synthetic benchmarks provide a simplified method of estimating real-world performance. For most real-world workflows, there is time for the Electra’s controller to manage the data flow very effectively, resulting in a seamless operational experience. Applications that demand non-stop writes to the SSD often constitute a boundary case; these scenarios will limit the Electra's performance.

This is why we provide a list of suitable applications for our Mercury Electra and the Mercury Extreme Pro SSDs. The Extreme Pro provides the sustained write performance which is required by more demanding workflows, such as video editing and VFX work (e.g. these drives are certified for Black Magic and Sound Design workflows). If you need a drive that can push past those boundaries, the Extreme Pro is a better choice.