OWC Drive Dock (All): Toshiba HDD Sleep Issue

Created on: August 29, 2018
Last updated: April 19, 2022

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Please be aware that if you are booting from certain Toshiba 3.5 inch HDDs you may not be able to use the Mac operating systems' sleep modes as expected. In some cases the system and the drive will enter sleep mode normally but when you attempt to wake the system up, one of three things will happen depending on your system configuration:

  • If your system is set up to automatically login and does not require an ID and password, the system and drive will wake and the Desktop will appear, but the system will be frozen.
  • If your system is setup to require an ID and password, the system and drive will wake and you will either be shown the login screen but in a frozen state, or... 
    • ...the display will power on but no information will appear.
In all cases the only workaround is to shut the computer down and reboot. Afterward the system and drives connected to the Dock should behave normally.
So far this behavior is only known to apply to the following Toshiba drive models:
  • DT01ACA100
  • DT01ACA200
  • DT01ACA300