iPad Pro (Thunderbolt) & MacBook Pro Mounting Issue

Created on: May 16, 2022

Affected Model Information:

  • iPad Pro 11” April 2021 (iPad 13,4/ 13,5/ 13,6/ 13,7)

  • iPad Pro 12.9” April 2021 (iPad 13,8/13,9/13,10/13,11)

  • MacBook Pro 14” and 16” (MacBookPro 18,1/18,2/18,3/18,4)

2021 Thunderbolt iPad Pros are experiencing connectivity issues with 2021 Apple silicon MacBook Pros. Users are reporting:

  1. The iPad Pro isn’t recognized by the system and doesn’t show in Finder.

  2. The iPad Pro intermittently mounts. The device will show in Finder but quickly disappears before interaction can occur.

The issue persisted after restarting the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Reinstalling macOS and performing a Safe Boot also did not resolve the issue.

Repeatedly removing and inserting an assortment of Thunderbolt cables may eventually allow the iPad Pro to stay mounted, however this is not a desirable work around. Apple is aware of the issue and are actively investigating.

Please Note: USB-C iPads are not experiencing this issue even when connected using the same Thunderbolt cable(s).

Please Note: This information is current as of May 2022. This issue may be resolve in the future. As discoveries are made updates will be provided.