Power Adapter Troubleshooting

Created on: August 11, 2022

A devices power adapter should be considered for troubleshooting if issues are being experienced. These issues can include, but not limited to, no power to the device or inconsistent recognition of the device by the host.

  • Troubleshooting expected power issues should begin with connecting a devices power source directly into a wall outlet or into another open wall outlet. Check any associated switch that may control power to a surge protector or wall outlet.
  • Many power adapters have a LED light to indicate that power is available for use. An adapter with an unilluminated LED may be faulty or plugged into closed or faulty wall outlet.
  • The power cord associated with the power adapter may be loose or faulty resulting in the device not receiving power. Check all connections on the power adapter to ensure nothing is loose. Connect a different power cord to the power adapter to narrow down the root cause.
  • The power adapter connection to the device may be wearing or damaged. This would cause the connection to be loose and result in the device inconsistently being recognized by the host.

Any of these discoveries could result in the replacement of the power adapter when available.