Mac: Does Upgrading My Mac with Memory or a New Drive Void the Warranty?

Created on: May 4, 2013
Last updated: October 25, 2018

The short answer is no, not in the United States and not for products sold by a US Manufacturer. The US Federal Trade Commission has very specific consumer protection laws, as outlined by the FTC's Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. While OWC cannot guarantee the actions of the original manufacturer, we encourage our consumers to familiarize themselves with his or her rights.

This act outlines several key points, including the basic consumer protection that a manufacturer cannot void the warranty on components that are not directly affected by the installation/placement of after-market upgrade components. In fact, Apple and other hardware manufacturers support certain end-user upgrades, such as replacing memory (RAM), hard disk drive (HDD), or solid state drive (SSD), and even include basic instructions with their user manual and/or via their online support pages.

If you properly install the RAM, HDD, or SSD by following OWC's installation videos, your warranty should not be voided. It is wise however, to know your skill and comfort level in performing this type of upgrade. Therefore we highly recommend viewing the appropriate RAM, HDD, or SSD installation video beforehand, to determine if you or a certified technician should perform the upgrade.