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Your DVDs to Digital on your Mac
by Larry O'Connor

There are lots of cool things you can now do with media right from your computer. It's not too many years off that DVDs will be quickly approaching rank with the Dodo Bird. In the mean time, being able to transfer your DVDs to the Mac which can then serve as your personal, electronic video jukebox - this you can do, even if a little in the gray. This tip is not intended for illicit use, but rather to exercise your right to the media that one way or another you are rightful owner of. Not looking to open up any debates, just show you some tools that open the door to getting a whole lot out of products like this MediaGate which I personally own.

Originally featured in a year ago, the articles are as useful today as they were then. And with consideration to something you might have gotten for Christmas or Hanukah, etc - well, probably just as timely. :)

The first article covers using MacTheRipper and HardBrake for importing from a copy protected DVD and saving into the playable ".avi" video format.

Article number two covers the use of MacTheRipper for converting a copy protected DVD to a playable and backup burnable ".iso" file.

Article number three covers the use of MacTheRipper for importing the video off a non-copy protected DVD that you may have burned or was recorded in a Camcorder, etc.

While these articles from a year ago were written primarily for then latest MediaGate MG35 player device (there is a newer model that for about twice the price has wireless... although this one works great via wireless using an Airport Express for the wireless bridge) - you don't need one to use the tips to play videos on or through our Mac or other similar players as well.

Hope you enjoy!

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