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Price Drops on Mercury Elite Pro Storage Solutions

It’s been a couple of months since we had a nice Price Drop for you. Well, just in time to make some room for all the movies you might be making with the newly released Final Cut Pro X or simply to make sure your system is backed up and ready for OS X 10.7 Lion, we’ve got some great new prices on the OWC Mercury Elite Pro FireWire/USB 2.0 and “Quad Interface” model storage solutions.

Like all of our storage solutions, the Mercury Elite Pro series offers incredible performance along with great versatility. Key features include:

  • Oxford-based performance bridge solution
  • Two 1394B 9 pin FW800 ports, One 1394A 6 pin FW400 port, One USB 2.0 port, One eSATA port (“Quad” Interface Model Only)
  • Two 1394A Pin 6 Pin FW400 Ports, One USB 2.0 Port (FW/USB version only)
  • Large data buffer up to 32MB
  • Fully bootable, ideal for applications, A/V, Photos, Music, etc.
  • Certified for Audio/Video and Time Machine
  • Attractive & compact shock resistant Aluminum design
  • Connection cables for all interfaces included.
  • Prosoft DataBackup III (OS X), NovaStor NovaBackup (Windows), Carbon Copy Cloner (OS X), and Intech Speed Tools (8.6-10.6.x) included
  • Fully Mac & PC compatible
  • Industry leading comprehensive 3 year solution warranty with one year Level 1 Data Recovery services

While some media outlets, like Maximum PC, are reporting that there could be a drive shortage in the second half of 2011 due to the affects of the earthquake in Japan, current drive prices are stable for the most part. Unfortunately, there will always be sources that see an opportunity to make more money by raising prices to resellers or the resellers themselves raising prices on existing inventory.

Even though we have observed some drive supply crunches, we fortunately have the personnel and procedures in place to keep our drive supply high…and prices low. These new lower prices are a great example of how OWC always has your best interests in mind.

FireWire 400/USB 2.0 Interface Model.

“Quad” Interface model

Prosoft Drive Genius 3 Bundle Offer

Purchasing Prosoft Drive Genius 3 along with an OWC Mercury Elite Pro (or any OWC or NewerTech external storage solution) can save you 60% off the retail price of the program. Check our Web site for more details.

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  • Grant,
    first of all thanks for the honesty of a general date of Thunderbird in ’12. As a photographer using massive amounts of technologies, I feel I am always on the edge. I buy a new product and three months later the new one comes out.
    I have three Mercury Elite Pro Qx2s. I am off boarding my internal disks from my Mac Pro to sell it in anticipation of a new Mac Pro. In the mean time I have a brand new MacBook Pro with the OWC SSD in, and it SMOKES. I need a new system to hold the four internal drives to an external controller. I want and will wait for OWC to deliver a TB version of the product. In the mean time, thanks to your honesty I know I need to buy a fourth Elite Pro Qx2 and see what happens in ’12.
    I also want to add, when we bought these Qx2s, shortly after there was a nasty firmware upgrade that had to be done by OWC. The OWC staff did a great job of walking us thru the upgrade so we felt comfortable we would not lose any data.

  • Ok guys, your TB to TB cable is out, and your running a sale on the old raid stuff, time to gives us the OWC TB solution! Don’t let Promise steal your thunder (sorry, pun intended).

    • We currently are planning to offer our own brand name Thunderbolt equipped storage solutions in early 2012. Why the extended time frame? Just like how we took our time in developing our industry leading SSDs, we don’t rush into product areas until there is more evolution of the emerging technology…so we can offer the highest levels of performance, quality, and reliability.

      In the interim, we will be offering various third party (non-OWC) first generation Thunderbolt product in several weeks for those customers that can’t wait for the improvements we will ultimately provide.

      We applaud Apple for partnering with other technology providers, getting consumers excited about this latest data interface, and creating demand for Thunderbolt enabled products. The industry is in the very early stages of Thunderbolt developments and we’re excited to have the opportunity to be developing solutions with the next generation of data transfer performance.

  • Also in line for T-bolt! $1K for a 4TB Thunderbolt RAID from Apple is to rich for my blood. A Mercury Elite Al-PRO QX2 RAID 5 enclosure with Thunderbolt would sure go down a treat ;). Also, will there be such a thing as an eSata –> Thunderbolt adapter/cable?

    • Happy to have you in line Geoff ;-) Not sure about the eSATA to Thunderbolt adapter/cable but certainly a cool idea…but believe there will need to be some sort of bridge connector…TB uses a completely different chipset than say a FW/USB one….so the two have to “talk” to one another and a cable/adapter isn’t going to do such…

      • Thanks Grant. Can’t wait to see some price competitive Thunderbolt products from my fave peripheral vendor!

  • Speaking of, when are we going to see some Thunderbolt products. I need some stuff but I’m waiting to buy. Thanks

    • Hi Glenn…the dual bay Elites are coming….but the GMAX is a GREAT solution for RAID 1..better LED display too…but I’m kinda partial since I came up with GMAX name ;-)

      • Thanks Grant. Do you know if the MAXimus works well with the current crop of 2tb ‘green’ drives on the market?

        • Hi Glenn…should be fine..haven’t heard any issues from field on such use….and we’ve offered “green” drives in the past in GMAX with no issues either…