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Apple Adds Privacy Policy Labels to Apps – What’s in Store for Your Data?

Apple 12/14/20 privacy policy label announcement on its privacy website There's a big change in the Apple App Stores this week, although you probably haven't noticed it. Back in June of 2020, during the virtual Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced its intention to add privacy information to App Store descriptions. On December 14, 2020, all of the App Stores...

One More Thing… A Closer Look at the November 2020 Apple Event

As a person who has used Macs since December of 1984, I found the "One more thing" event to be one of the most exciting Mac events since the original Mac introduced itself to the world on January 24, 1984. Let's take a look at the announcements made on November 10, 2020, and what they mean to Mac users.

Apple Event on November 10 Promises “One more thing.”

An Apple event titled "One more thing" is scheduled for November 10 at 10 AM PDT. This marks the third month in a row that new products have been announced. The title hearkens back to Steve Jobs's keynotes. The late Apple CEO used to make a series of announcements and then say, "One more thing..." before announcing something really spectacular. Here's a Rocket Yard take on what Apple may announce at the event.

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