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QUICK TIP: How to Hide System Preference Panes in macOS

Sometimes you may need to hide the Systems Preferences in macOS to prevent unwanted changes (I’m looking at you, wife ‘o mine!). Here’s how: 1) Go to the Apple Menu and choose System Preferences. You can customize which system preferences to show 2) Under the View Menu, click Customize. 3) Checkmarks will appear on all the System Preferences items/panes.  Checkboxes indicate which items are shown or hidden 4) Deselect a pane and click Done. If you later decide, you want to “un-hide’” a pane, just reverse the process. These instructions apply, for the most part, to other versions of macOS besides...

Introducing the OWC Mercury Pro LTO Tape Storage & Archiving Solution

M&E professionals, corporations, government branches, and small businesses face the same challenge – how to manage an ever-increasing amount of more complex data. By safeguarding critical data with long-term reliability and accessibility, the Mercury Pro LTO provides an industry-leading solution for your data management strategy.

Hand under running water with two apple watch screens

The “Other Half” of the watchOS 7 Handwashing Timer App

I was so fascinated with the watchOS 7 handwashing timer when it first appeared last week that I neglected to look deeper into the app. You can read all about how to set up this useful and — in the time of COVID-19 — important app in this post, but today I’ll show you how to get more out of the app.

Kiss the Ground documentary film on Netflix

OWC CEO Larry O’Connor Helps Filmmaker Kiss the Ground on Netflix

This week we saw the debut of Josh and Rebecca Tickell’s feature documentary, Kiss the Ground on Netflix. It is both illuminating and inspiring. It provides an important look at the state of climate change and our environment. But whereas many documentaries of this nature leave you feeling depressed and scared to death, Kiss the Ground is a film that will leave you filled with hope.

5 Mac Security Tips You Might Not Be Using (But Probably Should)

While Macs tend to be more secure than their Windows counterparts, this doesn’t mean they’re invincible. As Apple’s share of the computer market has grown over the years, hackers have placed an increased emphasis on targeting these devices. If you’re...

“With careful planning and a little team effort, sustainability is synonymous with success.”


Read This Before Buying a 2020 27-inch iMac to Save Big!

There's no doubt about it. As we noted in an earlier post, Apple's new 27-inch iMac 5K for 2020 is a beast of a machine. With 10-core availability, all Solid State Drives, True Tone Retina display with a nano-texture glass option, faster GPU, T2 chip security, and up to 128 GB of RAM, you may finally be ready to make the leap into a new machine. It's completely understandable. But before you do, do yourself a favor and consider the one thing that is still user-upgradable after your purchase: the memory.

$199 Wheel Kit Solution for the 2019 Mac Pro Now Available

Introducing the new OWC Rover Pro – a toolless, patent-pending, made in the USA design that allows users to add wheels to the 2019 Mac Pro in under two minutes. Factory-finish, matching stainless-steel housings feature 360-degree articulating wheels with non-marring soft rubber tread install and include stops to keep your Mac Pro in place and offer the freedom of mobility when needed.