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9/11 Memorial

Remembering 9/11 Twenty Years Later

Today marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11. We hope you take time to remember all those who lost their lives that fateful day.

best ceo for women

OWC Named 2021 “Best CEO for Women” by Comparably

OWC honored with "Best CEO for Women" Award  "I'm excited to see Larry and OWC recognized in this way," said Jennifer Soule, President of OWC. "I started at OWC as a temporary employee over 20 years ago, working directly with...

black keyboard with fraud prevention key

Phish Tales: Don’t Be Scammed by Faux Fraud Alert Emails

There’s a new type of business scam, and it's much more believable than those that came prior. It is a form of business impersonation. Business impersonation scams are growing as a whole. The FTC reports that the number of scams...

Driends with face masks using tracking app with mobile smart phones - Young millenial people sharing content on social media

Messenger Convos Between People and Businesses Grow by Over 40%

As we come out of lockdown hibernation, many of us still find ourselves unready and unwilling to hold face-to-face conversations with other human beings. Millennials, in particular, were already known for being antisocial – favoring polished digital interactions to face-to-face...

macOS Monterey Splash Screen

A Look at M1 Mac-only Features for macOS Monterey

On June 7 at the 2021 (virtual) Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple previewed the next version of the Mac operating system: macOS Monterey. Interestingly, some of its features will be for M1 Macs only. That includes the 24-inch iMac, M1 iMac...

24-inch M1 iMac with a titled display

Does Your M1 iMac Have a Crooked Display? You May Not Be Alone.

This isn't exactly breaking news, but it also hasn't been blowing up the interwebs either. Some users are noticing something unusual with their new 24-inch Apple silicon iMacs: the screens aren't straight. They're crooked. Not level. Out-of-whack-and-looking-funky. Not by much,...

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