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Pro Corner

Steven LaMorte

Director and Producer Steven LaMorte on Remote Video Production During COVID-19

Steven LaMorte In the wake of Covid-19, video production has faced a myriad of challenges. Several TV and film productions have been delayed, and movies scheduled for the big screen, have moved to digital release. With travel on lockdown, there is an even bigger hurdle, and while limited individuals are allowed in offices and studios, film producers have been forced...

Restoring Godfather III: American Zoetrope and OWC

Scene from "Godfather III" © 1990 Paramount Picures It’s been thirty years since the third part of the classic Godfather trilogy hit the silver screen. That’s nearly twice as long as the sixteen-year gap between Godfather II and III (the...

free mixing webinar

FREE WORKSHOP: Mixing Advice for the Home Studio

Join Sylvia Massy, Michael Brauer, and Dave Pensado on December 17, 2020 @ 06:00 PM CT for a free OWC workshop to discover the most important elements of mixing and how you can get a professional sound consistently in your...

Dave Kalmusky in the studio remotely recording a singer

David Kalmusky is Locking Down Tracks During Lockdown

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Working From Home When the pandemic lockdowns affected the lives and work for millions earlier this year, David Kalmusky was no exception. “We just didn’t know how it would go.” David, who...

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