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Pro Corner

OWC Envoy Pro Elektron External SSD on a Mixing Board in a Recording Studio

Never Skip a Beat: Working with OWC and Avid Technology

David Kalmusky is an award-winning, platinum-record producer, songwriter, engineer, and guitarist. The list of artists he’s worked with reads like a who’s who in the music business. Names like Keith Urban, Megan Trainor, Justin Bieber, Journey, The Sisterhood, Vince Gill, John Oates, Motley Crue, and Carrie Underwood.

Pro Audio: Passive vs Active Direct (DI) Boxes

A direct box (sometimes referred to as a direct input box) is used to convert an unbalanced high-impedance signal (like the output of a guitar or keyboard) to a balanced low-impedance signal at microphone level. This prevents noise from being added over longer cable runs.

FREE WORKSHOP: Mastering Your Home Studio Mixes

Join us for a free OWC workshop to discover the best ways to boost and enhance your mixes in your home studio. If you have ever felt underwhelmed by your mixes on playback, you might need to do a little home studio mastering, and this workshop will help show you how.

Pro Audio: Plugins and Processing Tips for Mixing Podcasts

Josh shares the exact plugins (and settings) he uses when editing and mixing episodes of the podcast series, Talking Too Loud. He also provides a path for those who want to use the stock plugins included with your DAW software.

Plugin bundles

Pro Audio: 5 Great Plugin Subscription Bundles

If you're like most home studio enthusiasts, there's a good chance you suffer greatly from a condition I call "plugin addiction." It's a never-ending quest to find the greatest plugins imaginable. You literally spend hours reading articles and watching YouTube...

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