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The Tech That Helped The Beatles Finish a 40-year Old Ballad is Now on iPad with Logic Pro for iPad 2

Image credit: Apple

For years, Apple devices have been excellent mobile tools for musicians, enabling them to create whenever the inspiration strikes. GarageBand and the Voice Memos apps have been huge reasons for that. And now, an app once reserved only for professionals is adding more and more features to bring pro-level capabilities to more and more artists.

Logic Pro for iPad launched last year and today alongside new iPad Pro models Apple has added some truly stunning AI-powered features that empower anyone with an iPad to create their own personal masterpiece.

AI Session Players

Logic Pro for iPad 2 is benefitting from some interesting AI-powered features. When you open up the app, you’ll now have access to an AI-generated backing band that responds directly to your feedback.

Image credit: Apple

Users now have access to an AI drummer, bass player, and keyboard player. Plus, Apple has added session players that can augment even live performances.

Image credit: Apple

Apple says the models used for each player were trained with the help of some of today’s best drummers, bass players, and keyboard players. You’ll be able to choose from eight different bass players and four different keyboard players with support for chord progressions, block chords, harmonies, loops and more.

Stem Splitter

This feature is extremely cool. The voice memos app on smartphones has become the de facto notebook for many modern musicians. However, these recordings—in addition to those recorded live or even to cassette—can be incomplete or hard to re-create. That’s where the new Stem Splitter feature in Logic Pro for iPad 2 comes in.

This new feature can recover moments of inspiration from any audio file and separate nearly any mixed audio recording into four distinct parts: drums, bass, vocals, and other instruments—right on your iPad. This is technology similar to what The Beatles used to create the song Now and Then.

The song was originally written and recorded as a demo by John Lennon before he was killed in 1980. The song was recorded to tape while Lennon sang and played the piano. Using this technology, The surviving members of The Beatles were able to isolate Lennon’s vocals and piano playing to finish the song. It’s incredible that this type of technology is now available on an iPad.


The final new feature in Logic Pro for iPad 2 is ChromaGlow which models the sounds produced “by a blend of the world’s most revered studio hardware” through AI and Apple silicon. The tool allows you to dial in tone with five different saturation styles too add warmth, presence, and punch to a track.

Pricing and availability

Logic Pro for iPad 2 will be a free update for existing users and will be available May 13. The app is available on the App Store for $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

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