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Apple Not Likely to Hold Another Event in 2017; Mac mini Still on Radar

Monday marked the third anniversary of the last update seen for Apple’s Mac mini, which came Oct. 16, 2014. But the smallest Mac hasn’t been completely forgotten. Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the mystery surrounding the Mac mini via email with a customer this week, saying the mini is “an important part of our product line going forward.”

This tease might have led some to believe that a Mac mini refresh was near. However, that expectation might need to be tempered after comments made today by Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi.

Federighi confirmed that there would be no Apple event in October, saying “I think we’re all Keynoted out for the season! :-)” in response to an email from a reader. Last year, Apple featured a Mac-centric event in October.

Considering this statement and how few days are left in 2017, Mac mini fans probably shouldn’t expect a refresh to come this year. However, they shouldn’t completely shut the door on the possibility either. Apple will release the HomePod and anticipated iMac Pro in December, and it’s possible that a Mac mini could be released alongside them. It’s just not likely…

If you’re a current Mac mini owner and don’t want to wait on a new release to get better mini performance, check out our upgrades for all Mac mini models here:

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  • Another mistake if they do cancel it. As windows 10 ramps up, and corporate buyers are left with imac only, they provide a requirement of a procepoint that meets mac mini.
    Also the OLD architecture inside them allowed for manual upgrades and incredibly top tier reliability.
    Finally, the clous can be compromised and data is difficult and STILL expemsive to a startup budget. Close to $400-$700/month per virtual server or real hardware device.
    Macstadium and macminicolo are examples of how to take the cloud into your own hands with enterprise level firewall security. But those inside Apple are too disassociated from the windows 10 trajectory, privacy concerns amd cloud fees.
    I hope someone reads this in apple to hold on to mac mini value to the markets. It has nothing but upward opportunities

  • Mac Minis are apparently a good investment. I bought a late 2012 with mid-range specs (i7 processor , 4GB RAM, 1TB Disk), then a year later bought 16GB RAM from OWC.

    Now OWC sells a used one (Macmini6,2) with the same specs that I have now for what I invested in it Five years later!

    I would like to buy another Mini, but the idea of buying a used on for what I paid for a new one doesn’t appeal to me. Neither does buying a crippled 2014 design.

  • I have a 2011 & 2012. I skipped 2014, why pay more for less? If a new Mini does come to fruition I’m afraid it will be smaller and weaker yet!
    The current size of the Mini is perfect! Apple seams to be hell bent on making things smaller, performance be darned. They do like bigger iPhones tho :D
    They screwed the pooch on the Mac Pro and Mini. I hope they learned those lessons or I will be forced to build my own Mac, theoretically :D