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Apple Adds 2011 Mac mini Models to Obsolete List

In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the future of the Mac mini stating that it is “an important part of our product line going forward.” While we haven’t heard any news on a new mini since that statement, an older Mac mini model has received a new designation: obsolescence.

This week, Apple added all 2011 Mac mini models to its vintage and obsolete products list, according to MacRumors. The designation means that Apple and Apple Authorized Service Providers will no longer repair or service the 2011 Mac mini, given over five years have passed since it was last manufactured, except where required by law (California and Turkey).

The 2011 Mac mini was the first to bring a Thunderbolt port and do away with the optical drive. Currently, it has been more than 1,100 days since the Mac mini was last refreshed in 2014.

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  • Hello Jarrod,

    We now have a very well built Power Mac that is severely obsolete.
    Is that why older – better built – models go out the support door?
    We now load Ubuntu on these units and they are s/w wise current!
    And, with the current diplomatic attitude as well, we will no longer get a newer Mac, and convert to Ubuntu and keep the ‘old’ s/w going.
    We find it remarkable that after 70 years of international cooperation quite a lot of the world is going ‘protectionist’.
    Or, is that shareholders chasing the buck?
    Thanks for all the info that you distribute, ..Peter

  • Seems to be their only work in the hardware department… marking machines obsolete. It has been 5 years since I saw a new mac machine which made me want to open my wallet. All I do now is buy used for our office. Even the boss, who has never used a PC, commented a few months ago… “looks like I’ll need to learn Windows” after a visitor had to dongle this and dongle that with his brand new MacBook Pro. I secretly bought him a spare used 2011 MacBookPro 17″ as a back-up.

    Late 2011/Early 2012 was the best time for Mac Hardware design IMHO. The last designs with Steve’s influence…a coincidence?

    • Probably not. We have history from the first time Apple was Steve-less. The hardware malaise wallowed the company nearly to death.