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macOS 11 Big Sur Desktop on a MacBook Pro

The 5 Biggest Changes in macOS Big Sur You Should Know

Big Sur marked Apple’s move to macOS 11 from the venerable macOS 10 (or OS X as it was known for many years). It’s a huge move, a big redesign, and a paradigm shift that is accompanied by Apple using...

Multiple files being selected on mac desktop

Quick Tip: How to Select Multiple Items in the macOS Finder

Have you ever needed to select more than one item in the macOS Finder? It’s easy! There are several different ways to select files and folders: click and drag, shift-click, and command-click. They each work differently – here's a description of each one.

green macos big sur battery icon showing 100%

How to Show Your Battery Level Indicator in macOS Big Sur

So, my 2018 MacBook Pro died. Not the kind of end-of-life-hit-the-recycle-bin kind of death – it just ran out of juice. That rarely happens to me because I think I regularly catch the battery level indicator in the menu bar...

Two safari icons with merge arrow into one

How to Merge Finder & Application Windows in macOS

When you open an app like Safari or the Finder on your Mac, a window opens on the Desktop. Sometimes you end up with lots of open windows that you may wish to merge. Note: Don’t confuse the Finder with...

How to Install, Remove, Edit, and Manage Fonts in macOS

With macOS, you can add, remove, edit, and manage your fonts using Font Book. You can even create font collections and libraries. Your Mac comes with lots of built-in fonts, but you can expand or alter the collection. How to...

macOS Big Sur Weather Widget showing the 5-day forcast for Asheville, NC

How to Use the Weather Widget in macOS Big Sur

In March 2020, Apple acquired Dark Sky, an iOS/Android app that offers “hyperlocal” weather info with down-to-the-minute forecasts. Some of its features have been rolled into the Weather widget on macOS Big Sur. One is the addition of precipitation predictions...

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