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6Gb/s PCIe to 2.5" SATA/eSATA Host Adapter

Mac / PC / PCIe 2.0 / SATA / eSATA
Supports Port Multiplication
OS X Bootable
Get 6Gb/s Speeds Internally and Externally
The SeriTek/6G2+2 is compatible with legacy 2012 and earlier Apple Mac Pro computers with an available PCI-Express 2.0 slot. This new design allows you to directly mount up to two 2.5" SATA SSDs or HDDs on the card while also providing two external eSATA ports. Drives connected to the SeriTek/6G2+2 are bootable with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later, whether installed in a legacy Mac Pro or inside a Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis like the ThunderTek/PX. Connecting an ultra fast SSD boot drive has never been easier.
Mount 2.5" Drives On The Card
The unique SeriTek/6G2+2 design is aimed to meet your need to easily add an internal SSD to your computer. No cables to worry about - just mount the 2.5" SSD directly on the card and use the included screws to hold it firmly in place. Up to two SSDs or HDDs can be attached to the card, one on each side. The card provides the power and the ultra-fast 6GB/s SATA Revision 3.0 connections. With each port featuring bandwidth over 500MB/s, the Q6G offers a great option for adding a bootable 6Gb/s SSD to the Apple Mac Pro.
Thunderbolt Ready
The dual functionality of the SeriTek/6G2+2 design, allows it to be used in a Thunderbolt expansion chassis. This card supports two SSD or HDDs inside the ThunderTek/PX, while still offering two external eSATA ports which can be used with port multiplier enclosures. Flexibility, speed and a small footprint makes the ThunderTek/PX-2+2 an amazing storage expansion station. It's the best of both worlds.

Product Specifications:

FirmTek Part Number

  • SeriTek/6G2+2

Hardware Requirements

  • PCI-Express based Macintosh or PC with available PCI-Express 4x expansion slot
  • Supports Thunderbolt PCIe Expansion Chassis

Form Factor

  • Full-height, half-length

Operating System Support

  • Mac OS X 10.6.x or later
  • Windows 7/8 32 or 64-bit

Data Transfer Rate

  • Up to 600 MBytes/second or 6.0 Gbits/second burst data transfer rates


  • Mac: Yes
  • PC: No

External Connectivity

  • x2 eSATA 6Gb/s ports

Internal Connectivity

  • x2 SATA 6Gb/s ports

Port Multiplication

  • Yes

Hot Swappable

  • Yes

Hot Plugable

  • Yes

Thunderbolt™ Support

  • Yes

Onboard Flash ROM

  • Allows easy upgrades to the latest firmware

Bus Type

  • PCI-Express 2.0 2x (Best Performance with PCIe 2.0 4x slot or higher)
  • Backward compatible with PCI-Express 1.0

Package Contents

  • SeriTek/6G2+2 Serial ATA host adaptor
  • Six 2.5" SSD/HDD mounting screws
  • CD-ROM Containing Macintosh User Manual

Power Requirements

  • 5V


  • Operating: +5°C to +55°C
  • Storage: -25°C to +70°C


  • Operating: 20% to 80%
  • Storage: 15% to 90%


  • EN55022/1998, EN55024/1998 (European Community)
  • FCC Part 15 Class B (US)


  • 6.3" x 0.3" x 4.3" (16.0 x 0.7 x 11.0 cm)


  • 0.45 lbs (204 g)


Manufacturer provided specifications for Firmtek p/n SeriTek/6G2+2


This product is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 12-Core (Mid 2012)
(June, 2012)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
2.4GHz, 2.66GHz, 3.06GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 6-Core (Mid 2012)
(June, 2012)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 4-Core (Mid 2012)
(June, 2012)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 12-Core (Mid 2010)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
2.66GHz, 2.93GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 8-Core (Mid 2010)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 6-Core (Mid 2010)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 4-Core (Mid 2010)
(July, 2010)
Model ID: MacPro5,1
2.8GHz, 3.2GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 8-Core (Early 2009)
(March, 2009)
Model ID: MacPro4,1
2.26GHz, 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 4-Core (Early 2009)
(March, 2009)
Model ID: MacPro4,1
2.66GHz, 2.93GHz, 3.33GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 8-Core (Early 2008)
(January, 2008)
Model ID: MacPro3,1
2.8GHz, 3.0GHz, 3.2GHz
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 4-Core (Early 2008)
(January, 2008)
Model ID: MacPro3,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 8-core (Early 2007)
(April, 2007)
Model ID: MacPro2,1
Mac Pro
Mac Pro 4-core (Mid 2006)
(August, 2006)
Model ID: MacPro1,1
2.0GHz, 2.66GHz, 3.0GHz
PC Desktop
PC running Windows, Linux or FreeBSD and available PCI-Express x4 lane or better slot
OWC Helios
OWC Mercury Helios
Thunderbolt PCIe
expansion chassis


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Customer Ratings

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Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Southern NH/Boston Age: 55-65 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 3/5 Seritek 6G 2+2: Problems in the Mac Pro February 12, 2015 Unfortunately I had to return this item to OWC, who graciously sent me an RMA, and credited my account forthwith. This card looks great on paper, just what I wanted. On my 2009 MacPro 4,1' I needed a way to get my internal SSDs up to speed where the internal SATA bus is only 3G. This is where I want to put my caches and swap file for. Lightroom and PS. The biggest problem is the comparability with the OWC Mercury Accelsior 120 I use as a boot drive. After installing the card and drives on the cards, I couldn't boot from my Accelsior. After a day and a half of using a variety of slots and boot drives and OSs (10.9 and 10.10), I couldn't boot from either device when both were installed. This was confirmed from the OEM tech help due to an incompatibility between the EFI from a Marvel chipset used on the Accelsior drives. I .also have an older 2008 Mac Pro, so I tried it in there which doesn't have an Accelsior. It worked, but not well. It has to go in bay 2, since it can only get SATA 3G speeds in the 1X PCIE bays 3 & 4. I used the Mercury 6G Pro, but never got above 3G. I tried to install it in bay 2, but the oversized video card (680) did not allow room for an SSD on the bottom side!!! I pulled the bottom drive, and the SATA speeds were much better, but now you are stuck with only one useable drive, so their cant be a striped RAID 0 on that card. I now have a similar device on order from OWC, the Sonett Tempo SSD Pro Plus, and I will send you a report next week.

Response from, Customer Service February 17, 2015 We're glad we were able to help you out with the exchange. Sometimes multiple third party products installed in a system just don't work together. While not common, it does happen. Manufacturers simply can't test compatibility for every permutation and combination of products and machines out there. So when a product is found not to fill your particular need, we're happy to offer an exchange to a product that is more suitable.
FirmTek SeriTek/6G2+2 6Gb/s PCIe to 2.5" SATA/eSATA Host Adapter Mfr P/N: SeriTek/6G2+2 OWC SKU: FTKSERITEK6G22 Add two internal 2.5" SSDs or HDDs & two eSATA 6Gb/s ports to your Mac Pro, desktop PC, or Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis. Firmtek 1 Year Limited Warranty
Sold Out