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Quick Charge 3.0
Power Hub 7

Charging Station

iPhone / iPad / iPod / Tablet / Smartphone
Charge and Store up to 7 Devices
Minimize Clutter. Maximize Power!
Recharge your whole house
Stop fighting over outlets! Turn any single AC outlet into a 7-port high-speed charging station. This Hub can power-up an entire household or office. The incredible 14A output can charge 7 devices simultaneously!

Two ports feature cutting-edge Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, so compatible Qualcomm devices can go from drained to 80% full in just 35 minutes! The adaptive QC ports are universal, delivering a powerful 2.4A output to non-QC devices. Every port is equipped with IntelliQ Smart Chips which detect each device's power needs and automatically adjust the output for the fastest and most efficient charging experience possible.

Treat your hub as home base for all your gadgets and you'll never have to track down phones or tablets again! The Hub is sleek and travel-friendly with a space-saving design featuring a built-in transformer and individual docking stations that keep your devices organized while charging.
Quick Charge 3.0 Technology
Powers up compatible Qualcomm QC 3.0 devices 4X faster than standard chargers. It is 38% more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0, so you can go from drained to 80% full in just 35 minutes!
Universal Quick Charge 3.0 Ports
Both QC ports are backwards compatible for QC 2.0/1.0 and deliver a maximum tablet-friendly 2.4A output to standard USB devices that are not QC-enabled.
Universal Compatibility
Compatible with any USB-powered device, you can charge your favorite iOs and Android smartphones, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth headsets & speakers, wearables and more with ease.
What Adaptive Charging Means For You
Quick Charge Technology dynamically adjusts the voltage output that is delivered throughout the battery charging cycle for maximum efficiency. You get fast, efficient and safe charging as well as reduced overall power consumption. Less wasted power also means less heat, which helps preserve your device's battery life.
7 USB Ports & Docks
Never fight over an outlet again! The Hub transforms one wall outlet into a 7-port charging station that can Store and Charge up to 7 devices simultaneously! Ideal for households and offices that want to Minimize Clutter and Maximize Power!
Sleek Design, Premium Construction
Designed with style and engineered for durability. The Hub is crafted with a soft-touch rubberized housing that has been rigorously drop-tested to ensure that it will stand up to active daily use. Transparent acrylic dividers and blue/black contrasting finish add a modern edge to your tabletop organization.
Power At-a-Glance
A discrete LED Charge & Power Indicator light is located next to the power button on the back of the unit. It lets you know that the Hub is receiving power from your wall outlet and is ready for use!
Minimize Clutter
Treat your hub as home base for all your gadgets. With a space saving design and individual docking stations, your devices stay neatly arranged while they are docked and charging for a professional, clean and organized look.
World Class Protection
Engineered with cutting-edge safety features that include:
  • Temperature Resistance — Temperature control mechanisms ensure our highly-reliable batteries operate safely.
  • Input Over-Voltage Protection — OVP circuit prevents voltage surges from damaging the device.
  • Overcurrent Protection — Consistently measures output and turns off when current exceeds what device can handle.
  • Short-Circuit Protection — The charger automatically isolates the motherboard and battery if any short-circuit occurs, effectively shielding the device from harm.
  • Power Overload recovery — In the event of a power overload, the device can be put into use again by detaching your devices, waiting for it to cool down, re-attaching the devices, and pressing the on button.
  • Battery Cell Protection — The specific Battery Management System (BMS) detects cell temperatures by measuring the cell current to keep the battery safe.
  • Automatic Reset — Power resets if any mechanism stops working by pressing power button.
  • Output Current Stabilizer — By communicating with the attached devices, the charger automatically knows how much power it needs, and stabilizes current to that charging level.
  • Overcharge Protection — In the event that too much power is being siphoned, the charger will automatically apply overcharge protection by shutting off, keeping both your devices and the charger safe.

Product Specifications:

Naztech Part Number

  • 14128


  • (5) 2.4A USB
  • (2) Quick Charge 3.0

Total Power Output

  • 14 Amps
Manufacturer provided specifications for Naztech p/n 14128 UPC#: 633755141287



Included Items
  • Quick Charge Power Hub 7
  • Eight (8) Acrylic Dividers
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual
Naztech Quick Charge 3.0 Power Hub 7 Charging Station Mfr P/N: 14128 OWC SKU: NAZ14128 Charge and organize up to 7 smart devices at once with 14 Amps of power Naztech 1 Year Limited Warranty
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