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O'Reilly Media

iPod & iTunes:
The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition

J.D. Biersdorfer
iPod and iTunes: The Missing Manual is the go to companion guide for discovering the in and outs of the iPod and iTunes ecosystem. With in-depth chapters covering hardware, software, media management and much more, J.D. Biersdorfer's iPod and iTunes: The Missing Manual is the must have for the new and seasoned iPod owner.
Full Description
Whether it's the ultra-thin, pocket-sized iPod or the vast music library known as iTunes, it seems like everyone is relying on these marvels of technology for their musical needs. CDs and cassettes? They're so twentieth century!

But like any cutting-edge technology, improvements come fast and furious. To keep up with all the recent changes to iPod and iTunes, O'Reilly has once again fully updated and refreshed its bestselling Missing Manual. This third edition now reflects the following cool advancements:

  • The fourth-generation iPod, which has a capacity of 10,000 songs
  • iPod Photo and iPod Shuffle: the two newest members of the iPod family
  • Airport Express (featuring AirTunes), a gadget that streams iTunes music wirelessly through the speakers of a nearby stereo
  • The latest version of iTunes (4.7)
  • Covering all iPod models for both Mac and Windows, iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition lays bare an astonishing collection of useful tips, tricks, and shortcuts. For prospective iPod owners, it reveals how the iPod can be used as a PalmPilot, a hard drive, an e-book, and even as a GameBoy. Experienced iPodders, meanwhile, will benefit from the up-to-the-minute nature of the book's content. And if the deep reservoir of the iTunes music store is more your style, it's also the ultimate guide to the iTunes software and iTunes Music Store for both Mac and Windows.

    Like the rest of the Missing Manual series, iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual is written in a witty and entertaining style that makes it an easy read for even the most non-technical of consumers.

    O'Reilly Media iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition Mfr P/N: 0-596-00877-5 OWC SKU: ORE0596008775 A collection of tips, tricks, and shortcuts for iPods owners
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