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4GB (2 x 2GB) PC5300 DDR2 ECC 667MHz 240 Pin FB-DIMMs

Netlist Memory for the Mac Pro 8-core / Quad-core Xeon is the exact same RAM you get from Apple!

Netlist Memory fully meets Apple's stringent thermal considerations for Mac Pro FB-DIMMs.

All Netlist / OWC Memory is further backed by 15 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty.

Module Specifications:

  • Size: 2GB (2048MB) per module
  • 240-pin FB-DIMM
  • 128M x 72, Dual Rank ECC Module
  • CAS 5-5-5
  • 1.8v
  • Data Rate = 667MHz
  • TRUE PC5300 DDR2 Major Thermal Tested
  • Module Bandwidth 5.3GB/s
  • Apple Certified Production Memory Modules
  • RoHS Certified
  • Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty

OWC offers rebates on memory!

A rebate from OWC on your old memory module helps make upgrading to higher capacity chips even easier! From the date of purchase of a qualifying new memory module from OWC, we allow 60 days for you to return your old memory for a cash rebate! Once you've received and are satisfied with your new memory, just fill out our online rebate form or contact OWC Customer Service for a rebate RMA.

Please allow up to 14 Days from the time we receive your memory for testing and rebate processing. Your memory must be functioning correctly to qualify. Upon successful testing, a rebate check for the qualifying amount will be mailed to the billing address used on your new memory module purchase. It's that easy! :)

When you upgrade your memory from Other World Computing, a rebate for up to the same number of memory modules purchased is available for the return of your old module or modules! Module(s) must be in working order.

This Netlist Memory Upgrade Kit has been designed and built exclusively for use in Apple Mac Pro Quad Xeon systems. Not only are these modules built using an Apple Proprietary Heat-Spreader and in compliance with the Apple Thermal Specifications which exceed those of standard JEDEC, these exact same modules are Apple Certified Production modules for use in factory configurations.

OWC is proud to offer the best possible Mac Pro Memory solutions available.

Apple specifically designed the Mac Pro with more space between each slot to accommodate the Apple Proprietary Heat-Spreader for thermal requirements. Use of Apple's spreader solution and the highest grade, thermally tolerant components ensure that these Mac Pro Quad Xeon Memory Upgrade Kits will provide a lifetime of reliable and trouble-free operation.

Apple notes that using parts with the standard heat-spreader and which only meet JEDEC standard specifications can result in higher fan speeds due to increased internal temperatures and system controlled reduction of memory performance to prevent thermal overload. In our own testing, we have found that use of such modules leads to ECC errors and ultimate system lock ups as such modules reach significantly higher temperatures than those of Apple's qualified spec.

Two well known memory manufacturers originally listed their own JEDEC standard modules as being Mac Pro compatible. Within days of doing so, each removed this compatibility support after reports and testing which made clear JEDEC standard modules were not reliable in the Mac Pro. It is very disappointing that many other memory providers continue to list and misrepresent such JEDEC modules, that lack the proper heat-spreader, as being correct for the Mac Pro.

Click here to see the difference between Apple's qualified modules and those that are not.

The Apple Mac Pro is an amazing machine.
Memory from OWC only makes it better!

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These modules are compatible with the following Mac Pro 8-core / Quad-core Xeon Models:

Machines Have Model Identifier MacPro1,1

Mac Pro Quad-core Xeon 5100
(August, 2006)

• 2.0GHz
• 2.66GHz
• 3.0GHz

Mac Pro 8-core Xeon 5300
(April, 2007)

• 3.0GHz