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OWC Repair for Apple iPad 2

5-17 Days Fast Shipping Solution

Total time for services using ground delivery will depend upon recipient's shipping distance from OWC's facility in Illinois.
OWC Trust Advantage:
Comprehensive Convenience And Confidence
Having served the Apple community worldwide for 25 years and successfully restored thousands of iPads, we drew upon our experience to create a comprehensive, hassle-free iPad 2 repair program with a fast turnaround.

The program offers you the OWC Trust Advantage: you'll receive the proper care, attention, and honest assessment of the service your damaged iPad requires. No longer will you have to take your chances with a 'bait and up-charge' repair service!
How it Works
The repair process is hassle-free and simple.
Upon submission of your order, OWC will first ship (by the shipping method you select) an empty box that is designed specifically for the iPad. A pre-paid, pre-addressed return label* covers getting your iPad to us for the diagnostics process.

Within 24 business hours of OWC receiving your iPad 2, the Diagnostics process begins by one of our Apple Certified Technicians. You will then receive a friendly call regarding what repairs you'd like to proceed with for your iPad 2. Once repairs are done your "new and improved" iPad will be out the door and on the way back to you via the shipping method you selected.

Any parts replaced from the iPad 2 will be recycled properly by OWC.

Note: If liquid damage is discovered during the repair or diagnostic process, work will be ceased and the iPad returned in as is condition.

*Return label type is based upon the shipping method you selected.


OWC repair program includes
  • OWC Shipping Box:
    • Durable singlewall corrugated box
    • Three layers of foam inserts
    • 4 mil plastic sleeve
    • Adhesive strips for sealing box
    • A pre-paid, pre-addressed return label*
  • Full Service Shipping
  • OWC Diagnostic Service
*Return label type is based upon the shipping method you selected.

OWC Repair Services for Apple iPad 2 FAQs:

Q: How do I order the service/repair options for my iPad 2? A: All of the information about these upgrades can be found at Q: Does OWC sell a DIY kit that allows me to do iPad 2 repair work myself? A: We are big proponents of people working on their machines and devices themselves. But due to the complexity of iPad repairs, we recommend having them done by a professional. We do offer some components, but they are sold without support from OWC. Q: How does the iPad 2 repair process work? A: When you order the diagnostic service online or through a representative, you will receive a box, instructions and a prepaid return label in the mail. Upon receipt, we will conduct a basic hardware functionality review of your iPad 2 to help determine what repairs likely are needed. Q: How much do the repairs cost? A: That will depend upon the problems found with your iPad 2. To see a list of estimated repair costs, please visit Q: Am I required to have each of the problems repaired? A: No, if there is a component that you are not interested in having repaired, for example the headphone port, you can let us know when we call with the estimate. Q: Does OWC repair other iPad models? A: At this time, our repair program is for iPad 2 models only. Q: When will my card be authorized or charged? A: We will charge your card for the diagnostic fee as soon as we ship out the box and label. Once we have received and inspected your iPad 2, we will contact you with the approximate cost based on what we found during the inspection. If addition problems are found that would increase the cost of the repair, we will contact you before proceeding with repairs. Q: Can I send a component that I purchased elsewhere in to OWC to have it installed? A: No. OWC will only install OWC components. Q: Can I buy additional items at the same time as the diagnostic or repair service? A: Yes. There will be an additional shipping charge for the additional items and they will have to ship via the same method as the repair service. Q: How do I send in my iPad 2? A: We will send you a prepaid label with the approved shipping box. Affix the label to the top of the box and drop it off at your local Fed Ex drop off point. Q: Can I just send it in without waiting for a box? A: At this time we are not offering that option since it is very important that your iPad 2 not suffer additional damage on the way in for repair. Q: Should I send in the accessories like the dock cable and 10W USB power brick? A: Yes. OWC will inspect and test these accessories to ensure they are in proper working order. Q: How long will the process take? A: The length of the entire process is highly dependent upon your location and the shipping methods chosen as well as the exact nature of the problem. Typical turn around time for the repair process is 48 hours. Once completed, your iPad 2 will ship from our location just outside of Chicago, Illinois (zip code 60098). If you chose Ground shipping, please visit Fed Ex to view their transit map for more specific transit time information. Q: Do I have to pay taxes on the Repair Service? A: No, the OWC iPad 2 Repair Service is a flat rate fee with taxes included. Q: Is this upgrade available to anyone? A: At present this service is only available within the United States. Please note additional shipping charges will apply for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. You can view estimated shipping costs in the checkout cart. Q: Does this void my Apple warranty? A: Yes. If your iPad 2 is under warranty with Apple, it is recommended that you have Apple conduct the repairs. Q: What kind of warranty is included with this upgrade? A: OWC offers a 90-day warranty. If an RMA is needed on parts or workmanship within the 90-day period, OWC covers shipping both ways within the contiguous United States using the same shipping method as originally purchased. For customers in Alaska and Hawaii, OWC covers the return shipping back to you. Q: Are the OWC warranties transferable? A: The included warranty is not transferable. Q: What if I change my mind after buying the diagnostic service? A: If you have not yet shipped your iPad 2 in, you will be eligible for a $25 refund out of the initial diagnostic fee. Q: What if I cancel the repair after work has begun? A: The initial diagnostic fee is non-refundable. If you cancel before we have begun the approved repairs, there will be no further charges. If you cancel after the approved repairs have begun, we will only bill you for the time and materials used up to that point and will send you back your iPad 2 in the condition it is in when you cancel. Q: What if something unexpected is found? A: If an unexpected issue is found that increases the cost of the repair, we will contact you to determine how you would like to proceed. At that point you can choose to authorize the additional repairs or tell us to stop. We will bill you for the time and materials used to that point and then will send your back your iPad 2 in the condition it was in when we contacted you. Q: What if my iPad 2 has liquid damage? Is it still eligible for the repair program? A: Regardless of the iPad's level of functionality, OWC will not service any iPad that has liquid damage. If we discover liquid damage during the pre-service testing, we will contact you and arrange to have the iPad 2 either returned to you or recycled at your discretion. The diagnostic fee is not refundable. Q: What if my iPad 2 has extensive frame/chassis damage? A: Although we can fix many minor dings and dents, certain frame damage renders an iPad non-reparable. For an idea of non-reparable damage, please see the images below.
Q: When will I receive the box and label? A: Your order will be processed immediately and you will receive your box according to the shipping method chosen. Q: What happens if I get busy and forget to approve the repairs to my iPad? A: If OWC has not received approval within 30 days from contact, we will send the iPad back to the address on file. Q: Can I place my order over the phone? A: Yes, if you prefer to order via the phone, please contact our sales department at 1-800-275-4576 or 1-815-338-8685.
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