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SoftRAID 5.5
RAID Utility Software

Mac / RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 1+0
The Best RAID for OS X
Now With RAID 5
Safeguard Your Data with Advanced RAID Volumes
Most RAID products just protect you from losing files when a disk fails. SoftRAID does more. With the SoftRAID application you can easily create RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 1+0 volumes for data protection and redundancy. Verify your disks to make sure all sectors are readable and certify a disk to make sure it is completely reliable before putting your work on it.

If you'd like to add redundancy protection to an existing Apple® volume, SoftRAID can convert Apple volumes to SoftRAID without losing any files in the process. SoftRAID 5 can even convert existing Apple RAID volumes to SoftRAID RAID volumes, all without data loss.

You can also add a second disk to a normal Apple volume to turn it into a mirror. Alternatively, if you need to delete a RAID volume and start over, SoftRAID can help. SoftRAID can even warn you when a disk or volume is becoming unreliable before any failures occur.
SoftRAID Monitor with Notifications
The SoftRAID Monitor is always running even when you're not logged in to your Mac. It watches your disks and volumes for errors and will warn you as soon as a problem occurs. It can even even send you an email.

The SoftRAID Monitor can also predict when a disk is about to fail. Most disks will start having internal errors a week or two before they fail. The SoftRAID Monitor checks for these errors and and warns you if a disk is having problems and likely to fail.

SoftRAID 5 can now detect problems which are occurring on the Thunderbolt port of a Mac. These problems can cause disks to be ejected while in use. When these errors occur, SoftRAID notifies the user and suggests possible ways to keep these problems from reoccurring.
Worry Free Validation
When you validate a volume, SoftRAID will read every block on the volume to make sure it can be read without errors. If there is an error, the SoftRAID Monitor will warn you and will add an entry to the SoftRAID log file. You can continue to use your volume normally while the SoftRAID driver is validating it.

The driver watches to see if you're using the volume, and if you start reading or writing files on the volume, it stops validating for a second or two then resumes validation where it left off. You can even validate your startup volume without worrying about damaging your data.
Going the Extra Step in Validating SoftRAID Volumes
SoftRAID ensures your volumes are working properly by taking that extra step during the validation process. When SoftRAID validates a mirror or RAID 1+0 volume, it reads from each disk in a mirror set and compares the data. If the data from all the disks in a mirror set do not match, SoftRAID updates the disks so they are all identical.

When validating a RAID 4 or RAID 5 volume, SoftRAID reads the data for each block and calculates the parity information. It then compares the calculated parity information with the parity information stored on the disks. If the parity information on the disks is incorrect, SoftRAID updates the disks with the correct information.
Certify Your Disk to Ensure Performance
Now a days, disks are so big that manufacturers can't afford the huge amount of time it takes to test every sector on every disk. With SoftRAID's powerful Certify Disk feature, you can perform the test that should have been done at the factory. When you Certify a disk, you write, then read, every sector of the disk - more than once. This is the type of testing which should be done on each disk by the Manufacturer, and now you can ensure it's done on every disk you use.
SoftRAID Can Keep You Working Normally After a Disk Fails
If you use a SoftRAID mirror volume, every time you write out a file, the write goes to more than one disk at exactly the same time. If one disk fails, the other ones still have all the data on your volume. This is the type of protection SoftRAID can offer with advanced RAID Volumes, and keep your data safe.
Convert Your Existing Apple RAID Volumes To SoftRAID Volumes
Now, you can easily convert your existing Apple RAID stripe (RAID 0) and mirror (RAID 1) volumes to SoftRAID volumes and preserve all the files on those volumes. Additionally, you can convert a standard Apple RAID stripe (RAID 0) and mirror (RAID 1) volume to a RAID 1+0, which continues to function after a disk fails.
New Language Support and Error Logging
With the release of SoftRAID version 5.5, both the SoftRAID and SoftRAID Monitor now offer support for English, French, German and Spanish.

Additionally, SoftRAID now includes an entirely new error logging mechanism, which can handle multiple, simultaneous message logging without truncation or scrambling, making it much easier to figure out which disk is failing and why.


System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)1

  • OS X 10.6.8 or greater
    OS X 10.7.5 or greater required for TRIM support
  • DVD drive for installation

Supported Drives

You can use any drive which you attach directly to your Mac. This includes:
  • Internal and external SATA drives
  • SSDs (Solid State Drives)
  • Fibre Channel and SAS drives
  • USB 2 and USB 3 drives
  • FireWire drives
  • Even USB flash drives
  1. Current version is SoftRAID 5.5, fully compatible up to OS X 10.11 'El Capitan'.
Manufacturer provided specifications for SoftRAID p/n SOFTRAID5Q UPC#: 851382006001

RAID Levels Supported

  • RAID 0 (Stripe)
    • Data is split into blocks over two or more drives at same time for high speed and large capacity. The ideal RAID setting for demanding video production/editing.
  • RAID 1 (Mirror)
    • The same data is written to two drives for highest level of data safety and redundancy.
  • RAID 4 (Stripe with Dedicated Parity)
    • With RAID 4, data is striped for speed like a RAID 0, but adds a single dedicated parity disk. This results in fast performance comparable to a RAID 0, but with the added benefit of protection.
  • RAID 5 (Stripe with Distributed Parity)
    • Data is Striped (RAID 0) while incorporating redundancy over three or more drives for the best combination for speed, capacity, and redundancy. The Multi-Interface 4 Bay Enterprise Class Performance RAID Solutions are pre-configured as RAID 5.
  • RAID 10 (1+0)
    • Data is Striped (RAID 0) over two Mirrored sets (RAID 1) of drives for fast redundancy.

Customer Ratings

Write a Review 5 / 5 4 out of 4 (100%) reviewers would recommend this product
Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Cupertino, CA Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 A must for critical applications - easy to use as well July 21, 2016 I bought this along with a used Mac Pro which I then outfitted with an SSD boot drive and four other HDDs. This allowed me to try out various RAID configurations.

SoftRAID was very easy to use and had even more advantages over Apple’s RAID administration: it will verify a disk before its use, and monitor it to warn you if it starts going bad. It also can validate the condition of a RAID volume.

I had a lot of fun trying the various RAID levels. RAID0 (striped) approached 3G SSD speeds. Using four disks, I set up two RAID1s and them mapped them into a RAID0, giving me the reliability of the former and the speed of the latter.

Note: verifying a disk takes a looong time (days), but you’ll want to do this if you plan to use them for critical applications.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer Top 50 Contributor
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Palm Bay, FL Age: 55-65 Experience Level: IT Professional Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 Working great March 4, 2016 I have no complaints about this software. In fact it does more than I expected as it gives you a great report on the status of your hardware, disk errors, etc...

If you would like to use software raid on your Mac, this is the package to get since the Mac OS does not support any sort of Raid 5 or better directly.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Germany Age: 45-54 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 Very good. July 24, 2015 Works as supposed; No Problems; OWC very helpful in Support.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer Top 250 Contributor
Reviewer: Valobal Location: Mexico DF Age: 35-44 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 Great RAID solution April 2, 2015 It has a possibility to setup disk on RAID 5, and more over a MacPro OSX. It works great without problema until now and since 3 months ago.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

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