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Sonnet Technologies

Fusion Spare Tray (Gray)

A Little Extra Storage
Whether you use Fusion storage systems to perform incremental backups or swap out large amounts of data, its always handy to have extra drives around-simplify the swapping by mounting those extra drives to spare drive trays. In seconds instead of minutes, you'll hot-swap your way to greater productivity!

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Part Number



  • Fusion DX800RAID storage systems
Manufacturer provided specifications for Sonnet Technologies p/n FUS-SATA-TRAY4 UPC#: 732311006838
Sonnet Technologies Fusion
Spare Tray (Gray)
Mfr P/N: FUS-SATA-TRAY4 OWC SKU: STIFUSSATATRAY4 Compatible with Fusion DX800RAID storage systems. Sonnet Technologies 1 Year Limited Warranty Ships: 24-48 hrs only $39.95
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