Marketing in today’s world can be one of the most complex and challenging industries. While there is so much opportunity because every business can benefit from great marketing, trying to build brand affinity and customer loyalty has many CEOs, marketers and brands striving to solve this modern day puzzle. How can we connect with customers, build the longer-term relationship beyond the sale, create the opportunity for new customers to fall in love with our product or company and help add increased value beyond what is normalized or expected. 

On this fascinating episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers, Setorii would like to introduce you to the man that has cracked the code to help us all understand how to strengthen brand affinity and reach customers at a deeper level. His name is Raja Rajamannar and he is the CMO of MasterCard. He makes the magic happen at a brand we all admire and use. You probably have heard of the priceless campaigns that would run in commercials. They helped highlight our purchases beyond the cost of items, and the experience itself, because they help define that our time and moments are priceless. MasterCard helped humanize purchases by having us all realize that time and moments are our most valuable gifts and for that there is MasterCard to help us along our journeys. 

Raja has helped lead and steer MasterCard into countless new territories where he has strengthened the brand itself, the impact it has around the world and curates one-of-a-kind experiences for us all to enjoy and share with each other. Raja has also personalized marketing experiences while helping business owners and marketers break down barriers where customers are normally annoyed by advertisements and interruptions but instead giving customers more of the personalization they have been seeking. By MasterCard choosing to come from the heart, listen to their customers, and find ways to add value to lives, their brand is helping think out of the box to pave the new path forward for all of us to learn from so we can make our businesses better, our customer experiences more appreciated and connect with our customers deeper than we have before.

We would love for you to join Setorii and Raja on this episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers as they speak about lessons learned at Mastercard we can all apply, marketing strategies to help us think out of the box, success tips and tools, Raja’s book Quantum Marketing, leadership and how to stand out in a world of instant gratification, how passionate Raja and Mastercard is about the LGBTQIA+ community and helping customers with vision impairments, as well as much more.

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