Month: October 2023

Entertainmint’s A J Salmen, Distribute your Film and Share in the Revenue

AJ Salmen is the Co-Founder of Entertainmint, a Web 3 solution for creatives that gives us a fair share of the revenue using a totally transparent business model, far removed from what we may have experienced in the past. A J is a producer, writer, and entrepreneur currently focusing on helping story tellers achieve success….

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Under the Hood with OWC’s New Atlas CF Express 4.0 Cards

Twice the speed? Buffering bye bye. Backward and forward compatible Atlas CFexpress 4.0 Memory Cards are available now at Farshid Tabrisi, the Senior VP of flash memory and media development at Other World Computing, OWC, goes under the hood and gives us the details about their new CF Express 4.0 Cards, Innergize Software, and…

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The Great Granddaddy of Text-Based Editing has a New App – Builder NLE

Philip Hodgetts is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lumberjack System and Intelligent Assistance. Our host, Cirina Catania, speaks with him on this episode of OWC RADiO about Lumberjack Builder NLE that is now available for purchase (no subscription necessary!) on the Mac App Store. Lumberjack Builder is the original text driven video and audio editor…

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