Month: April 2024

Matt Clifford, Touring with the Rolling Stones and Secrets of the Hackney Diamonds Album

Matt Clifford, interviewed here by Cirina Catania on OWC RADiO, plays keyboard in The Rolling Stones touring band, and first worked with Jagger and the group in 1989 when he played on the Steel Wheels album and their world tour. He went on to become Jagger’s co-writer and producer on many projects, including the album…

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Larry O’Connor, the Founder and CEO of Other World Computing (OWC), took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to give our host, Cirina Catania, a rundown on some of the new products they are showing at NAB 2024. He talked about the Atlas TypeA cards, the Envoy SSD portable drive, the Envoy Pro Mini,…

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Found Films: Dan Halperin’s Bombshells and Dollies

Thousands of movies are made each year and buried within are some hidden treasures that you may not have seen. Our host, Cirina Catania speaks with Producer/Director, Dan Halperin, about “Bombshells and Dollies.” An entertaining, captivating look into the world of modern-day pinups and the Rockabilly scene at Viva Las Vegas. It just may change…

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