Month: May 2022

BJ Morgan_Preserving History at the NAMM Museum of Making Music

This is NAMM “week” and we’re excited to tell you more about the NAMM Foundation’s Museum of Making Music located in Carlsbad, California. BJ Morgan, Marketing Manager is also a musician and he loves to talk about his work with the Museum. Cirina and BJ and a great conversation and you, our loyal OWC RADiO…

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Will Driscoll – creating digital humans

Digital Humans are no longer just for movies. In fact, in the media space, they are in play extensively throughout our daily world. Will Driscoll is the co-founder and CEO of Wild Capture, and his technology company creates these amazing creatures! As he puts it, “We help build the bridge between volumetric video and digital humans for robust media and tech production needs.” I’ve been fascinated by this for years and it was fun to find out more about how it is done. Stay tuned! Will is truly amazing!

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