Month: April 2023

Farshid Tabrizi Unravels the New Super Fast Atlas Card Readers and Innergize Software at OWC

Today, on OWC Radio, our host, Cirina Catania, speaks with OWC’s Farshid Tabrizi, their Senior VP of Flash Memory and Media Development. They discuss in detail  two new high speed card readers, Atlas Dual SD Reader and the Atlas CF Express Type 2 with a second slot for an SD Card. And they introduce you…

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Meet Jeff Fochtman, CMO of Other World Computing – It’s NAB’s 100th Anniversary!

Meet Jeff Fochtman, a filmmaker in another life, who developed a keen ability to align major corporations goals as a top marketing executive with global tech companies. Jeff has a track record of driving success and value-based leadership for large international teams. He is a skilled communications expert and has recently joined the upper management…

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Acting Tips from Jennifer Plotzke

It’s about talent. It’s about relationships. It’s about charisma. The award-winning Jennifer Plotzke has it all. And she knows how to produce as well. Should we say she’s a quadruple threat?! This charming, smart woman has lots of tips for us about how she manages to keep working as an indy actress. We met her…

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