Month: January 2023

Adam Sims, Champion Windsurfer and His OWC Gear

Adam Sims is a world-class professional windsurfer turned cinematographer and director. He travels the world filming, editing and curating content for famous brands involved in World and European tours in multiple action and extreme sports…and, he still jumps in when he gets tempted into an international competition.  We met Adam because he uses OWC gear,…

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Under the Hood On Atlas Memory Cards with Farshid Tabrizi

We all use MEMORY CARDS! OWC has an internal team made up of some of the industry’s best engineers and technical planing experts. Farchid Tabrzizi is their Senior VP of Flash Memory and Media Development. In this detailed “under the hood” discussion with OWC RADiO’s host, Cirina Catania, we examine the history of memory cards,…

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