The Future of Gaming With VR, How to Work With Brands and Navigate Clients & Where NFTs Are Going

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“What we have been building lately with web XR in general is we have launched a platform called XRSwim. What XRSwim is essentially is a new marketplace focused on cross-platform XR technology. It has everything from downloadable content to a lot of web XR content, a lot of open-source content, you know a learning path for pushing content up there so on blockchain you can mint content and allow this API for users to generate their own interactive experiences and happen to the blockchain so they can mint content in real-time in-game.”

– Finn Staber

Technology seems to be moving faster than we could have imagined. Every day we learn about mind-blowing VR, games that look so lifelike it’s astounding, doctors being able to train other surgeons while they are in another country in real-time, tech solutions being created that Marty McFly in Back to the Future or the Jetsons would be proud to have discovered.

We live in an exciting time. Some pioneers are helping push what we know is possible and create what we could have only imagined. In this episode of OWC’s Leaders & GameChangers, Setorii speaks with Finn Staber, whose company, Chicken Waffle, has been a go-to experiential creator, game maker, and VR maker for companies, brands, events, and people. They dream big, curate, devise and make the impossible possible.

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