How Reiki Improves Your Health, Tips to Lose Weight & Alternative Wellness Practices You Need to Try Today

“There is negative energy in the body, whether it is emotions, trauma, or negative energies that build up and cause disfunction just like nutrition so when that divine energy comes through me, through these hands onto my clients…it is a powerful relaxation energy release session.”

In a world filled with instant gratification desires, perfected and yet unrealistic filters, and a year filled with many stressful life events that have affected everyone. Our health for many has taken a backseat for all that has needed to be done. Without our health, we don’t have anything. Shiny things really don’t matter, the amazing trip that we waited years to take would not be able to be enjoyed as much, and our self-esteem would be challenged each day.

In this episode, Setorii wanted to speak with two women who are helping align people’s health through body, nutrition, and wellness. Each has their own set of special skills: Morgan Conwill has a traditional approach, and Beth Messina is changing the way we may understand new age practices to encompass. I feel that health is pivotal for us all and this is why I cannot wait for you to hear this episode!

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