In a world of sensory overload and stressful situations coming at us on a daily basis people have become normalized to life’s challenges. It is rationalized all the time by seemingly everyone that… life is hard. All of the people we look up to all have shared harrowing journeys of personal struggles, defeats and comebacks which give people hope. For many of us it gives us the power to move forward seeking to achieve our dreams. There has been a noticeable increase of people actively looking for ways to naturally unwind at the end of their days. They have been seeking herbal therapies, remedies for stress and therapy. Meditation apps, magazines making their entire magazines about healthy recipes, wellness apps and websites as well as virtual doctor appointments have all thrived during the past years. 

There is a desire and a need for psychoactive therapies to help treat a range of ailments. Some types of alternative therapy have been well-researched by scientists, so doctors may recommend them to patients. Examples of more understood and accepted practices include yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. But people appear to be on quests to go deeper and discover more than the normilized forms of recoveries. Burning Man helps people bond and rekindle with their sense of self, yoga retreats help people reconnect with their souls, Vipassana meditation helps people get away from the business of everyday. Medical Medium or Dr. Robert Morse helps us learn to heal our bodies from within by guiding us through eating fruits, plants and herbs while Tony Robbins seminars helps us rekindle our inner spark. Transcendental Meditation helps us reconnect with our inner voices and Wim Hof breathing training helps strengthen our body’s natural immunity. All of these above mentioned have one thing in common… healing. 

A term you may not be as familiar with is Psychedelic Therapy. What is it and is it the mental therapy of the future? Jemie Sae Koo is the CEO of Psychable and she believes it is. Psychable bridges together telehealth therapy with ketamine, which helps connect clients to its nationwide network of therapists, prescribers and informative content together to help keep consumers who are looking for alternative therapies safe.  Please join Setorii Pond for this eye-opening episode of Leaders & GameChangers as she uncovers what may be a new way to help us all. 

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Episode 31