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“Whatever product you’re using, tag it and that shows authenticity of what you’re using as a brand for products you care about. And don’t make stuff up, people can tell when it’s not real. You do that long enough, your fans, and people start noticing you.”

– Randy Fuchs

Randy Fuchs and his team at handles the endorsements for brands and in that capacity have done endorsements with well-known artists, sidemen, techs, FOH, recording engineers, and producers with such illustrious artists and/or their teams as Joe Walsh, Beyonce, Guns and Roses, Billie Eilish, Dragon Force, Eric Clapton, and Post Malone to name a few. represents manufacturers and has built deep relationships with virtually every segment of the recording and touring musicians’ marketplace, including musicians in the alternative, modern rock, classic rock, Latin, jazz, urban, EDM, pop, hip hop, rap, country, and metal genres. 

Randy Fuchs’s depths of knowledge about the music industry has spanned over 35 years. Randy started at a young age working retail in Sam Ash before moving onto Crescendo Associates and representing a number of key manufactures, including MackieMoogDOD/DigiTech, and Audio-Technica. In 1999 Randy created Artist Relations to help bridge the chemistry and the relationships between artists, creators, and musicians with brands to help brands flourish while ensuring talents use the brand’s gear and products to get the best product for them. Setorii Pond and Randy speak about Randy’s journey and shared stories and advice learned from his time in the business. Their database of over 15,000 musicians, sidemen, engineers, techs, producers, managers, FOH, as well as web stars, content creators, and composers in every genre of music is extremely impressive and have made them the go-to source for just about everyone in the industry.

They help create solutions by connecting the artists and the music industry professionals to many brands of musical gear. They provide the manufacturer assets such as photos, video testimonials, quotes, and creating video content brands need to grow the brand as well as provide the artists with a great user experience. The Artist Relations team also assists companies with social media assets when needed. Randy Fuchs coordinates endorsement relationships for artists with brands like KurzweilOWCLEWITT AudioIK MultimediaNORDStudioLogicRoadie and also assisting with Sound Royalties.  

An endorsement relationship is a win-win for all involved and Randy explains why it is important to endorse a company whose products you love. Randy shares that brands are looking for advocates who love and use their products, people who will go out and publicize their brands. Randy explains how today audiences sense insincerity in a heartbeat and how endorsing a product for the wrong reasons can destroy your artistic credibility. Randy believes taking the time to build your brand and fan base as an artist before seeking an endorsement is a great way to establish yourself and have people start taking notice of your talent. Once you have established yourself Randy shared that introducing yourself at NAMM, AES, or other music industry tradeshows can be a great asset by helping you begin to develop long term relationships even if it takes a few years before you land an endorsement. Randy, Tanya, and his team at work with plenty of up-and-coming artists that have a true dedication to their career as well as Grammy and Platinum winning artists. What is key is being authentic, driven, and passionate about what you do and create.

As if this was not enough, Randy has also made extraordinary contacts in the television and film industries to promote MI and Pro Audio products on their sets. He is a lifetime member of the Audio Engineering Society, a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, is a voting member of the Grammy Organization and the Country Music Association. For more information about Artist Relations, Randy, Tanya, and his team, you can go to

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