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OWC Memory Test Lab
Committed to providing a lifetime of Confidence and Satisfaction
"I rely exclusively on OWC memory for my clients' memory needs. It's the only company I trust with MY reputation. They don't make Macs, they just make Macs great."
–DoctorDave Making MOUSE calls in Northeast Kansas since 1990 An Apple Certified Support Professional and a member of the Apple Consultants Network
Why Buy OWC Brand Memory?
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications.
  • Rigorously in-house lab tested to ensure superior quality, compatibility and reliability.
  • Backed by industry leading lifetime advanced replacement. If you need your OWC memory replaced, we will ship to you same day.
The Other World Computing Memory Test Lab
You can count on OWC to consistently deliver the highest quality and compatible memory upgrades for a lifetime of flawless operation in your machine. Because unlike other memory manufacturers, we own and maintain an on-site, state-of-the-art Test Lab featuring nearly every Apple/Mac model and variation manufactured over the past 35 years to ensure our upgrades meet, if not surpass, all Apple Design Specifications.
Prepping a Mac Pro for MaxRAM benchmark testing.
Batch testing OWC memory in a MacBook.
Continuously Batch Tested in Actual Machines
Our extensive Test Lab is not just used for preliminary compatibility testing. In addition to the extensive testing each and every OWC memory module undergoes before shipping (other brands just spot check, if they test at all), we also continuously batch test our modules in the actual machines.

We also use the lab to obtain benchmark information to demonstrate how having more memory will deliver higher real-world use performance from your machine.

Options That Exceed Apple's Maximums
We have made this significant and ongoing investment to not only provide the best designed and supported memory upgrade brand, but also to offer memory options that exceed Apple's officially supported maximums.

Through our exclusive MaxRAM Memory Certification Program,
we were the first to confirm and support the use of:
  • 768MB in the Power Mac G3 "Beige"
  • 1.0GB in the PowerBook G3 "Pismo"
  • 640MB in the iBook G3
  • 2GB in the iMac G4
  • 32GB in the 2006 Mac Pro (all)
  • 6GB in MacBook and MacBook Pro models with original 4GB Factory "limit"
  • 32GB in the 2009 Mac Pro Quad-Core
  • 64GB in the Mac Pro 8-Core models
OWC has MaxRAM Certified 40+ Mac models that are capable of utilizing up to double the memory than Apple specifies.
Unsurpassed Customer Support
Our Test Lab is also used to assist customers experiencing operating difficulties with their machine and a product purchased from our extensive on-line catalog.

Even if we determine the issue is with a customer's machine, we'll attempt to get the customer up and running by offering technical advice assistance.

We back our products, and help our customers.
It's just the right thing to do.
Larry OConnor, CEO
The bottom line is simple...
Your OS and applications can certainly run on the minimum memory, but having more memory installed makes for a much more enjoyable and productive use experience, especially when using memory intensive A/V, photo, 3D modeling, and gaming applications. Now you can enjoy that experience with full confidence knowing our Test Lab assures OWC brand memory upgrades will deliver the best operating performance available.
— Larry O'Connor, CEO
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