Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchist Creates Amazing Plugins for Editors

Jim Tierney is a pioneer in the development of plugins for motion graphics, animation, and video editing. During the 1990s, Jim worked for software companies like MetaTools, Atomic Power, and Cycore. He helped create graphics products like Bryce, Evolution, and Final Effects. After working on After Effects plugins for six years, Jim thought it was…

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Oliver Peters, Editor/Colorist/Filmmaker

Oliver Peters is a successful independent editor/colorist and workflow consultant. He talks with OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, about his five decades working in broadcast production and post, and offers a wealth of important tips for media producers at all levels. If you work in commercials, corporate video, feature films or themed attraction entertainment, you…

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Patrick Southern – Workflow Architect at Frame.io & Emmy-Winning Editor

Patrick Southern is Workflow Architect at FrameiO and won an Emmy for his work on the OJ Simpson Documentary. OWC Radio Host, Cirina Catania, interviews him about his journey in Hollywood.

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